My mom is still my best shopping partner and still brutally honest

^ equally as great for pedicure appointments

Summer thunderstorms are my jam

Took a great trip down memory lane while clearing out my closet and old clothing – sticker photos were all the rage

Graduation pictures are weirding me out

If you have an exorcism-style attic, I suggest scaring your friends by hiding masks around for them to find – guaranteed laughs

Almost everyone is home and I couldn’t be happier

Nothing like pitying your indoor cat so much that you carry him around outside just so he can feel what it would be like

Game of Thrones better fulfill my expectations in these last 6 episodes – I am awaiting multiple necessary deaths

Less than one week until I am a working girl yet again and have more mac n cheese than I know what to do with

^ I don’t even know what I’m wearing first day yet yikes